SN 889: Spell-Jacking

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I’ve listened to Security Now since the “Netcast” was about 3 Years old and find it fascinating and useful and respect the talents and professional expertise, of both Leo & Steve. I wish I possessed their knowledge. However there are a few elements of the podcast that have become frustrating -Picture of the Week perhaps. Leo in his open & direct style (to his credit ) questioned the engagement of some of the participants in the IRC channel yesSecuriy Now’s value terday… I was there too. We were not being openly rude in any way to Leo & Steve’ but on rare occasion SG can leave the less than current top flight echelon proportion;; of the audience in the weeds. Security Now’s value lies in its hard detail. but bear with us. Thanks.

Sorry about the wording in places. BAD USB Keyboard. Apologies.

EvilProxy seems to me like it’s a non issue. Sure the attacker can get my username, password, and 2FA code, but it’ll only work once unless the attacker turns off 2FA. Would using a password manager not help prevent this from happening by not revealing your password on a fake site?

I don’t understand what you’re saying here? If the attacker takes over your account, they’ll reset your 2FA and you will locked out of your own account with no way back in short of hoping there’s a human you can convince of what happened.

Yes, it should help, if the password manager is of any quality. The one possible threat would be if they somehow manage to inject their proxy setup directly into the target site, so your web browser will appear to be on the correct site and that would also confuse the password manager.

The long story short, the best advice is to NEVER CLICK A LINK IN EMAIL or SMS or indeed from anywhere that is not a direct response from someone you know for something you asked for. Keep your important sites bookmarked (to prevent typos) and when you think you got something from, say, your bank, ignore any links and go to your bank site directly from your bookmarks.