SN 924: VCaaS – Voice Cloning as a Service

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Steve’s summary of a truly secure operating system reminds me of the old adage from when I worked tech support - “this job would be great without the users!”

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What was up with Steve’s audio? He was whisper quiet and @Leo was breaking the speakers.

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Oh dear. Was that on the livestream or on the podcast?

UPDATE: oh crap - it really sounds shitty. The beginning is ok. It sounds like it’s phase cancelled - I’m having the editors checking. Really sorry. That’s NOT how it was recorded.

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Yes, I listened to the podcast under the shower and thought it wasn’t as loud as usual, but you & Steve were equally loud. Then I went shopping and in the car, I couldn’t hear Steve at all, turned it up all the way and he was just about audible, then you boomed back in with a comment, scared the hell out of me! :smiley:

Such things happen now and again, the editors usually do such a great job, so I can forgive them, when they drop the ball once in a blue moon.