SN 838: autodiscover.fiasco

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Sorry, Steve. Why was it a surprise that the Windows Readiness tool says that a non-supported processor is not supported? That would have been obvious before you ran the test.

BTW, my laptop uses the same Core i- 6xxx series processor and my desktop uses a Ryzen 7 1700, so I don’t need to run the tool to know that Windows 11 won’t run on those devices.

I appreciate that this seems like a stupid decision to not allow older processors to run Windows 11, but the way he was ranting about the tool and then giving the exact specification of a PC that is known not to be compatible, then moaning that the tool told him it was incompatible detracts from his argument, as everybody knew, before he ran the tool, that it would say no. That comes over as petty.

I’ve already switched to Linux on my Ryzen PC, which, apart from TPM 2.0, should be easily fast enough for Windows 11 - 3 x SSD, 1 x HDD, nVidia GTX1050ti graphics and 32GB RAM.


I watched the first episode of Foundation. A visual treat. I saw it in German and the audio was crystal clear, although I do have a Sony sound bar with Dolby Atmos, although the Apple TV app on my FireTV said it was playing back in Dolby Digital.

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With respect to Apple’s Bug Bounty program, It is interesting that the story broke at the same time that Apple put new management in charge of the program.

I actually enjoyed Foundation. I think it is very similar to Expanse in that it took at least 5 episodes before the story finally started to be clear. Considering the amount of material from the original books and the scope I expect this story to take a while to become clear.