SN 793: SAD DNS _x

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@Leo perhaps you have the ability to stop a title with only upper case characters from being forced to lower case? I added the _x at the end to give it something else to think about :wink:

It bugs the heck out of me, but I’m not sure what’s happening in Discourse to force it titles to lowercase. Your workaround is probably a clue. I’ll have to ask around.

On a side note, thanks SO much for doing the titles when I’m not around. I really appreciate it!

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I checked with the author of DNSCrypt and he confirms that it is not affected by this exploit.

The summation of the study by NortonLifeLock, that though Google play store is the source of most bad apps it offers the best protection, is flawed.
So far F-Droid has a zero count for malware and PUP distribution as it only allows open source apps.
The policy of no adverts also helps to protect users from malware not already in the apps.
F-Droid was obviously not tested or not included in the stats, which as it is the main option available to anyone with a custom ROM or de-googled device is a big oversight. In fact it is a massive hole in the report.

Whichever app store gives you no PUPs and no malware and no malvertising, is the safest and the one offering most protection.
The play store does not come close on any category.