SN 786: ZeroLogon++

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The hard drive scam has been going on for a while, although it was mainly with USB sticks, memory cards and SSDs until now.

heise recently found a bunch of rebadged 320GB 2.5" disk drives from around 2010 marked at 2TB USB drives.

Usually the controller firmware is changed to show the new drive size, but in this case the crooks had actually changed the firmware on the drive itself to report the new size.

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Excellent info on Vitamin D. One could say that the RDA for Vitamin D is enough to keep you out of Vitamin D Insufficiency (VDI). And there are a lot of people in the US and elsewhere who are VDI. The comment from a small study done back in April was noteworthy:

The VDI prevalence in [COVID-19] ICU patients was 84.6%, vs. 57.1% in floor patients. Strikingly, 100% of ICU patients less than 75 years old had VDI.

The LPI MIC is an excellent source of info for vitamins and other micronutrients – everything except for sulfur. That’s one of the weird quirks we have about nutrition science; we ignore that essential mineral. No RDA for sulfur; for everything else, the RDA numbers underestimate what we need. :frowning_face: The LPI’s writeup on Vitamin D notes a “tolerable upper intake level” of 4,000 IU for adults. Interestingly, the writeup notes, “Vitamin D toxicity (hypervitaminosis D) has not been observed to result from sun exposure.” We can’t OD from UVB-produced Vitamin D! UVB is available during a narrower window of the day than UVA; a half-hour of exposure to the midday sun is a marvelous supplement.

I fondly hope that everyone would share the discussion of Vitamin D section in this episode: (YouTube) and SN 786: ZeroLogon++ - Amazon Flying Security Cam, ZeroLogon on GitHub, Ransomware Roundup — Security Now (Audio) — Overcast (Overcast – audio pocast) and the transcript: Security Now! Transcript of Episode #786 (and search for “I had a neat link”). We have been strangely silent about Vitamin D science during this pandemic. Please share! Thanks.