SN 743: Android “StrandHogg”

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With respect to what the Microsoft site shows when you try to download Windows. If your user agent is recognized as you being on a Windows machine it will only offer you the option to use the Windows Media Creation tool. If you are on Linux or Mac or otherwise not on Windows, then it will offer you the ISO download. I don’t think it’s possible to get the ISO option on a Windows machine without first spoofing your user agent.

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With regard to the government site “hacking” policy, I don’t see why the EU would have a problem with it.

Part of GDPR is that the data needs to be secure. Using “contractors” to test the site is fine and the problems can be fixed and the data more secure than before.

Where you have to be careful is with a data breach or malicious attack. If the site is properly hacked and compromised or data exfiltrated, the owner has 72 hours (after detecting the breach) to report the incident, otherwise they are in contravention of the GDPR.

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