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Do you want Smart Tech Today to publish a video version? Here’s what needs to happen.

For those hoping for video, here’s this from @Leo, himself:


good show but needs video


I agree, I like the concept of the new show, but I definitely prefer the video format over audio only.

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I wish it was also video.

ya let us tel leo it is bad we need video

Tell ya what. If the show gets 30,000 subscribers we’ll turn on video.


you know what to do go subscribe now or no video so… do itsubscribe to Smart Tech Today now if we get 30,000 subscribers soon he will turn on video i did so you can to

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“Bezos” as the Alexa nickname? I think Hurricane Chris solved this problem years ago. I’m in the club hollerin’ “A Bay Bay!”

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I’m subscribed in Pocket Casts and Apple Podcasts… would that be two subs… :slight_smile:

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Did you mean to post that here? I don’t see how it fits with the current conversation or topic?

I think so. I didn’t see a first episode thread. I was just trying to one-up the nicknames that were thrown out for all the virtual assistants in the first episode. Don’t think I can stand to hear Alexa referenced as “Bezos” forever.

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Ah! Didn’t realize it was out already. Leo’s Zapier bot will post here when the episode posts to the site… you’re ahead of the curve. :wink:

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The OK Google nickname should be Ok Sergey.

Rolls off the tongue nicely

The Matthew Cassinelli Technique:

  1. Infiltrate a company
  2. Drive them out of business / get them acquired
  3. Claim smart tech from the office to take home


Also, drink every time someone accidentally says a trigger phrase.

Oops! I configured Zapier to monitor the video feed - I’ll fix it to watch the audio feed now that we’re launching some audio only shows!

Love the new show guys, looks like it’s going to be another one of my Staples. I read this somewhere, and it’s so obvious, I can’t believe we don’t use this. How about just staying, “Hey Assistant!” That works for Google, Amazon, and Apple assistants.

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Love the first episode, you guys talked a lot about Siri shortcuts, and as someone who isn’t in the Apple ecosystem, I’m concerned if all of the recommendations use shortcuts, the show won’t have as much value for me. Make sure when talking about shortcuts you think about those of us not using Apple products. Maybe IFTTT or any other suggestions you have.


I’m excited for the potential of this show, but honestly not entirely sure what I’m hoping to hear, especially with the fragmentation.

I am all-in on HomeKit fo my home automation (Lutron Switches, Hue Bulbs/Strips, Ecobee Thermostat, D-Link Omni Camera, MyQ Garage, August SmartLock) and I guess would be interested in cool tips and tricks for automating stuff all together.

BUT I do use Alexa (Echo) because of my free Amazon Prime Music,, Pandora support as well as using AnyList to manage the grocery list. So I’m also interested in neat Alexa tricks.

I do an annual review of my home automation life:

Thank you for this feedback, @DominicJ2! Taking it to heart and making sure we’re including all sorts of platforms and operating systems for future episodes!


Listened to the podcast today while driving and i liked it. i think video might be a problem for us truck drivers…