Skype Acquisition and BFU iPhone Extraction

I found this interesting from the standpoint of whether or not considered ethical hacking or something more nefarious?

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That said, it is interesting how forensics firms will seize on the tiniest chink in a phone’s armour to lever their way in. Keeping your info private is difficult.

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From the blog post, there is nothing there that is ethical hacking.

The tool could be used for ethical hacking, or not. Most probably, and most often, not. This sounds like a tool for law enforcement and hackers, of the Non-ethical variety.

An ethical hacker has a closely defined remit to test the security of their client’s infrastructure. There would, generally, be little need for such a tool. Such attacks are known and the inclusion of them in a summary of vulnerabilities would be adequate in most cases, I would think. Unless the client specially wanted to see if users were lax with their company smartphones.