Site crashes after Larry David SB commercial

I am sure everyone saw the Super Bowl commercial with Larry David. It brought down the advertisers web site much to their delight.Super Bowl Ads Spark Public Interest; Coinbase Site Crashes From Traffic - Blockworks

I had to look up who Larry David was. Didn’t he do a Super Bowl ad for Apple that never got shown?

I seem to remember his face from an unshown Apple ad, but I’ve never heard of him outside of that advert.

I don’t think David’s ego could survive your comments. From all I have read he had never done a commercial before.

Hmm, the video seems to have been pulled. It wasn’t an advert, sorry, it was for the opening of the WWDC in 2014.

I looked further, the whole archive of never released videos, which were all taken down in 2020 by Apple.

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It’s funny, as I was thinking about the commercials the day after, I couldn’t recall for the life of me what LD was actually advertising in that spot. Our favorite was the bouncing QR code. Although none of us scanned it, we did place bets on whether or not it would hit the corner cleanly. I lost a dollar.

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Its ironic that the agencies go overboard on content to the extent that no one remembers the advertisers name. Millions down the drain.