Shortcut to register sleep


Looking for help to set up a shortcut. What I want should be easy, but can’t seem to do it…

I would like to have it so:
Attach charger to phone → register start of sleep in HealthKit
Remove from charger → register end of sleep in HealthKit

Any ideas?

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I’ll look into this and include it in Shortcuts corner when I have!


Wow, didn’t expect a reply from @RosemaryOrchard :star_struck:

I have a Withings watch and it is HORRIBLE (for me) for properly tracking sleep, and the sleep schedule is fine in iOS, but I don’t always follow that either. But in general, I only charge my phone while sleeping, so would likely be the most accurate.

Though, I am currently hooked on Lego Star Wars Battles, so now I sometimes need to charge a bit in the evenings… but I can just erase those :sweat_smile:

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