Shopping for earbuds for work

I’m shopping for new earbuds, but I need technology that amplifies ambient voices in my work environment while I listen to educational material otherwise. A quick browse around overloaded me with info. Thoughts on the best earbud device to accomplish these two goals together. Amplifying ambient voices in the workplace environment is the most important in this case. Thanks.

What you are asking for is hearing aids that also feed music, TV etc. This has been my quest for years. Its frustrating to know its all there waiting to be put together.
My hope is that, this fall when the new law permitting the sale of hearing aids “Over the counter” that people like Bose, Sensenbrenner, Sony, will start producing such a devise. If I had a few loose Millions sticking out, I would do it myself. (I refuse to sell my soul to the venture/Wall Street guys).

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This is close to what we have been waiting for. I am about to pull the triger. Delivers in October.

I have the Galaxy Buds + they offer 3 levels of ambient sound amplification.

I use it when walking the dog on a busy street, I can then hear the pushbikes coming up behind he. On high, I can hear my footsteps and the tap-tap-tapping of the dog’s claws on the ground. In the forest, I can hear the birds and insects very cleary over my audio books.


Would bone conduction work well? It’s not going to amplify outside noise, just keep the ability to hear everything normally while also hearing the audio from your device.

I have some and love them. Only drawback is the audio volume doesn’t go as loud as I sometimes desire.

I like the bone conduction technology; I have a pair of Aftershokz that I enjoy, but I think I still need the ambient sound amplification for the attention to the environment that my work setting demands.

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I just briefly tried the Galaxy Buds + this past week, but returned them after several days of use. I certainly was impressed with the ambient aware functionality, but the sound quality otherwise was not even nearly as good as my Anker sound core earbuds for a fraction of the price. I’ve been so pleased with the sound quality of the Anker product.

Jabra’s do this. I recently reviewed some Jabra Elite Active 75T and they sound amazing and have an ambient pass through so you can hear the outside world. Might be worth trying them?

Andy, were you pleased with the hearthrough technology in the Jabra Elite?

Yeah, I was. It was a strong selling point. In the end I went with the new Pixel Buds though.

I too am looking forward to the day when the tech companies can make hearing aid type earphones.

I figure otherwise, my future self will wear AR glasses that close captions everything people say around me. lol

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