Looking for hearing aid / sound amplification devices advice

My Mom is 84 and is starting to have some real problems with her hearing. Her doctor sent her to get her hearing checked. She was told that she needs hearing aids but her hearing isn’t bad enough that medicare will cover the cost. They told her that they would cost around $3000 and we simply can’t afford them. I heard about the sound amplification devices that are being sold like the Bose HearPhones and the SuperEar. Has anyone tried them? How well do they work? Are there any other alternatives? TIA

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My dad is also hard of hearing and looking for some help or aid for his hearing. I also am curious about some cheaper solutions to hearing amplification?

Stay tuned. In 2020 hearing aids go over the counter and the ridiculous markup will end.

I went to an audiologist to get my Rezounds ($6000!). There’s something to be said for that because they tune it to your particular hearing loss and they can help you understand and acclimate to the hearing aids. But these days you can do an almost identical test in software (all Samsung Galaxy phones do with their AdaptSound feature).

There’s hope but it’s still some months off. Meanwhile consider something like the $399 Bose Hearphones.


$6000!!! YOUCH!!! That is a lot…

Been using Bose HearPhones since January. They need to be used in conjunction with the Bose Hear app to get the most out of them. So, I would be weary recommending them to an 84 year old unless she is tech savvy, and has some help nearby.

Very similar to several other wireless ear bud models, with a flexible horseshoe shaped collar support. Great for people like me who lose little things real easy. They provide what they call World Volume control both on the app and on a small push button control on the right ear bud wire. This allows one to dial up or down loud external noise, but still hear people talking, or cars coming up behind you. There are also 3 directional modes, front, focused, and 360º, again selectable on the app or control buttons. They cleverly add volume and access control for bluetooth listening and talk with seperate buttons mounted 90º from World controls.

I find they require a fair bit of adjusting when using them to filter out noisy environment. Once I find the right settings, they work well.

I have them around my neck everyday, almost all day. Bluetooth connectivity has been rock solid. Do all my podcast listening with them. They power down automatically shortly after you remove them from your ear. And, like most wireless headsets, they give you wireless phone control, and work with voice assistants (Siri).

If you buy them from Bose, they give you a 30 day, money back, no explanation required trial period. All you pay is shipping. Best Buy offers similar deal, but only 15 days.


My Grandmother also needs hearing aids, but they are not covered by Medicare for her and we can’t afford the current costs. It’s really sad because she misses so much of the family conversations during get-togethers. I can’t wait for the over-the counter ones to become available and I truly hope they are user friendly for someone like my grandmother who isn’t at all tech savvy.


I found this Youtube Video on the HearPhones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rbf87bmPNQ Thought some might be interested.

How’s the battery life on the HearPhones?

Battery is advertised as 4-5 hours. I find they easily last all day if only used when needed. Biggest downfall to me is battery cannot be replaced. But, $400-$500 every couple of years is better than $6-8k.

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