Bluetooth Ear Buds

Anyone have recommendations on a lower cost Bluetooth ear buds for an older guy with high frequency hearing loss.


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Not really low cost but I use AfterShokz Air ( They’re made to wear in front of your ears but I put them over. Leo has a code to save money on them too. It’s at

By saying ear buds, I assume you mean in ear. Do you want something that allows outside noise, or something that seals the ear to keep outside noise reduced?

I’ve had several different “inexpensive” Bluetooth headsets/earbuds and none of them have been as good as the ones I bought about 4 weeks ago. The Soundpeats TrueCapsule true wireless earbuds. For about $35 on Amazon you really can’t go wrong.

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Thanks for all the responses. I mainly used the ear buds for listening to music and podcasts while I walk. I have heard about the Aftershokz but that is a bit more than I wanted to pay. I will check out the soundpeats!

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If you get the Soundpeats report back and let us know how you like them.

Trust me, the Aftershokz will be worth it. Plus, you can listen while walking and not block out the other sounds (like cars coming towards you).

This is an out of the box solution. Check out the ES100 from Radsone. It will allow you to use any headphones you already have. But the killer app is literally it’s companion app. It’s has a great EQ that will allow for frequency compensation. I use the left / right balance to compensate for a hearing imbalance. It’s normally $99 but often goes on sale for $80.

I have the same set. Very happy with them for podcast listening.

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They just went on sale.

Thanks for all the responses. They are very helpful.

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Did you end up buying something?

Not yet, I have some wired headphones that I like. But I am going to buy a new tablet and it will not have a plug for wired earphones. I am kind of cheap so I am waiting till it is closer to Christmas to see if there are any good deals on both bluetooth headphones and tablets. Even though they are expensive I am leaning toward the AfterShokz air that Leo recommended. They sound interesting and I like the fact you do not have to put them in the ear canal.

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You won’t be disappointed. .

I have Skullcandy Indy headphones. Love them. They are Skullcandy’s take on the AirPod Pro’s. $80 and works phenomenal.