Setup motionEye with GMail


I just installed motionEye

I would like to setup gmail notifications to see photos and video when someone open front door opens

I have two Wyze cam 2 Rtsp

Not familiar with the motionEye software, but if it supports the SMTP protocol you can use these instructions which outline the SMTP server settings for Google’s mail service -

Like @knewman I am not aware of the specifics of motionEye. I did want to add one comment about GMail though.

GMail makes it more and more difficult to use its service with automation because it is a frequent target of bad actors that send SPAM and other crap. If you wish to originate messages from GMail, you will probably need to use a GMail aware program. It will probably need to get a “token” or something special for authentication to bypass Google’s push for two factor authentication. I used to have GMail configured with my NAS, but they broke that setup years ago, and I don’t believe the NAS software has made any effort to address the breakage.

Is there any other email that would let me use it with my motionEye

Not free, but something like Zapier (or maybe IFTT) can do this, I believe:

I just saw this, it says to setup a one time password in GMail. Perhaps that will work.

You can make Gmail application specific passwords for smtp email, I have used this for similar things before without the need to use 2 factor Sign in with App Passwords - Google Account Help

Often your ISP has its own SMTP server that you can use, you would need to see what whoever your ISP offers. They can be a bit more lenient with security as long as you’re sending the email from one of their IP addresses, which it will then forward onto your Gmail.

I never forward email to a other email account


I would setup a new email account and forward it to Gmail account

Do I need to portforward on router

Maybe forward wasn’t the right word. Your ISPs mail server will pass on the email to your Gmail, you just use their SMTP server to send the email through.

If you want to just use Gmail then set up the per app account which gives you a password to use for your application. Just search for the SMTP server settings for Gmail and put these along with your per app password into your motion eye settings.

You don’t need to forward any ports on your router.