MailboxCam, using Wyze Cam

Hi Stacy,
Love your comments and on TWIG and of course your podcast as well.

You mentioned Wyze Cams many times. I thought you guys would get a kick seeing my mailbox cam project. Actually two cams as I have a cameras on both sides of the mailbox pointing up and down the street.

This was a very quick and dirty install with the power supplies just jammed in back of the mailbox and the Wyze cams silicone rubber glued to the openings. Amazingly the Wyze cams and the Google Mesh router have worked in a hostile outdoor environment which such little protection from 5 degrees to 100 plus and 100% humidity , rain and snow.

I made this project it to 1. Monitor street traffic for an all clear to play with my dog. 2. Keep an eye on Christmas and Halloween decorations I put at my driveway entrance. 3 Look at a rain water drainage issue during a downpour. 4. Security for the neighborhood and me.

As for privacy concerns I did tell all my neighbors (and documented via email) about the cameras and I disabled audio. I also have a “smile you are on camera sign”. My neighbors like the extra eyes on the street,

Because I had power on the mailbox it was a snap to install. Though I had to add a Google Mesh router halfway to the house for a good wifi signal over 300 ft.


Here is the big picture.

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Here is the Google Mesh Router without trash bucket cover. Used in a way Google

never intended…