Setting up Jitsi server for XMPP chat

I work for a small company that uses Macs after the move to Mojave our IT folks are taking down the Jabber server. Can I setup a Jitsi Server to host XMPP chat for my team on the internal networK? I have access to a Windows 2012 server.

Jabber is just XMPP as far as I know. Here’s a list of XMPP servers:

You could certainly try Jitsi for this, but it’s clearly focused on WebRTC video chat and not just on text chat. It’s written in Java and so should run on any server platform with a Java VM available.

Also there’s this Wikipedia entry:

This one is open source and looks promising:

Isn’t the Jitsi server what @Leo has been talking about that he setup?

Thanks for the info this is great!

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