Seriously, the whining

When Matteo is on doesn’t there seem to be a lot of whining about the goats?!?!?!

Oh, are you goatist ?

Does the goat not float your boat ?
I for one will cast my vote
We are not here for vole or stoat
A vote for stoat would stick in my throat
It seems you came to whine and gloat
so I in turn did post and smote
and now I’m done I’ll get my coat.

In-jokes with the TWiT presenters are just a thing you are going to have to get over.

“I could do with a little more goat-bell”

A bit can go to far, and sometimes on some of the shows it probably does. I guess the question is whether it is supposed to be “professionally detached” or have some personality? Certain hosts seem kinda screamy to me sometimes too… but I try to let it pass because it’s a personality thing.