Seeing same HD in Locations twice

Hi - As you can see in the screenshot, I see the same hard drive (it is an external SSD) twice. I click each one, and it is definitely the same drive. Weird. Any ideas?

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 10.45.01 AM

A wild guess, do you have it plugged in directly to the Mac or over a USB hub or docking station?

It might be a bug in the hub/dock driver, that the drive is appearing on both its USB port and the main USB port of the Mac. Have you tried plugging it in directly to the Mac, if it is on a hub?

What does Disk Utility show? Still two disks? Show all devices on the view menu is useful.

I ejected the SSD using that up arrow in the sidebar. When I did that, one remained and when I clicked it, I got an error. So, I simply manually removed it from the side bar. I re-mounted the SSD and now. only one showing. Go figure.

To answer the above questions: Yes, it is plugged into a USB hub. And the disk utility only shows one.

I suspect the hub and macOS got confused.

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