Security Now 764: RPKI

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Steve, will you be doing a show about Wireguard?

Hmmm. I’m no lawyer, but reading the relevant license, I see nothing about doing “commercial work” on the computer where VirtualBox Extension Pack is installed.

Perhaps that listener has dated information.

use internally the Product on Host Computers for your Personal Use, Educational Use, or Evaluation. “Personal Use” is noncommercial use solely by the person downloading the Product from Oracle on a single Host Computer

If the computer is being used for commercial purposes (i.e. isn’t privately owned, isn’t being used in an education establishment and isn’t in a test lab for evaluation), you need a commercial license, not the PUEL. Oracle considers any PC used in a company that isn’t solely dedicated to evaluation of a product to be commercial use, even if the VMs created under VirtualBox are for evaluation purposes.

I’ve run into this problem with TeamViewer. When I was looking for a new remote access product to access my personal machine at home while remote, I looked at TeamViewer, which is free for personal use. The issue is that I would be connecting from a domain joined work device, so it saw it as a corporate device.

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Can you provide a reference for that? According to the listener reply, if I were say a consultant doing any kind of not-personal “work” on my computer, then I couldn’t use VirtualBox under the Personal license. I don’t see that in the license.