Search Mac (new tool) vs Finder

While Finder is good, I am wondering if any new tools with good UI exist for improved search of my MacBook pro. Just curious.

Not a Mac user, but mentions this app, which feels like a name I have heard before. (Not free.)

I use EasyFind on my Mac at work.
Easy to use and has been reliable for me.

I have heard a lot of people are using Alfred:
I have not used it yet, but I was thinking about it.

A friend just mentioned this, I’m unsure if it’s what you want, but the price is right if it’s something you’d like:

I ended up going with “Find Any File” good rating in the app store and it did the job. I switched to a new macbook and everything wasn’t where I was used to…this made it easy to find things with compound search criteria

EasyFind is great. I use HoudahSpot, not free but truly full-featured and with a really nice UI.

I recommend checking out Launchbar. Launchbar works to have everything accessible from the keyboard. It has Finder-like functionality, but a whole bunch of other things too. Launchbar is made by the team that made Little Snitch, one of the best all-time apps for MacOS.