Screen and Camera Recording on iPad


I am speaking at a conference and they want us to pre-record our presentation for captioning.
They want us to provide screen capture of the slideshow AND the video of us giving our presentations. I know there is some software to record both for PC, but wondered if there was something similar for iPad…

Loom seems to offer one or the other, but not both.

Any suggestions? If not, I’ll need to find a laptop to borrow!

  1. Record yourself with the built-in Camera app on your iPad’s selfie cam as you step through the presentation slides for yourself on-screen.
  2. Set GarageBand to run in the background (gear icon menu > Advanced > Run in Background).
  3. Use the built-in Photos app to play back your selfie video while GarageBand is recording.
  4. Play GarageBand’s recording while you use Screen Capture again to step through your slides.
  5. Import the slides w/ the GarageBand audio embedded that you just made into iMovie.
  6. Use iMovie’s Detach Audio on the slides then delete the audio.
  7. Import your selfie video and Detach Audio on it then drag its audio to coincide with the slides (then delete the stranded selfie video off your iMovie timeline).
  8. optional: If they want you to present a video that is both the slides and your face together at once, import your selfie take instead as a picture-in-picture into iMovie on top of the slides after deleting the slides’ own audio.
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Thanks for the advice!
Regretting agreeing to this now :stuck_out_tongue:

Just another example of how Apple hates competence on mobile :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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When I bought the iPad as my mobile device/computer, I convinced myself it would be enough… :unamused:

It would, if Apple wouldn’t intentionally hobble it! It still can if they’d ditch the dogma that iPad’s can never be allowed to surface any degree of complexity whatsoever in order to avoid scaring the tech illiterate, or whatever🙄

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