Router vulnerability checking

There are a few handy tools for checking to see if your router is vulnerable to exploitation, and if there are any vulnerable devices on the network.
Some simply look at your model and version then see if a CVE has been issued for it.
Others will also test for vulnerabilities that can actually be exploited.

RouterCheck is available for Android and Windows (beta)

Avira Home Guard (Windows and Android)

Bitdefender Smart Home Scanner (Windows)

Router Security guides for many router related topics


2 things:
Please submit any other similar tools you find, especially if you find something for Linux or Mac.

Could someone that knows their router is vulnerable to Cable Haunt, please confirm if any of these tools are up to date enough to report it.

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Thankfully I have a clean bill of health and I also don’t have a cable service so wont be vulnerable to cable haunt :wink:


You must be using a mobile or satellite connection then I guess.
However don’t confuse the use of the word cable with cable-TV type accounts.

I’m on a VDSL connection with a non broadcom chipset so I’m pretty confident that I’m not affected.

There is nothing in the cable haunt web site to suggest that this impact anything other than cable modems.

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That’s my interpretation. ADSL here, so not affected? Only Virgin Media users need to worry in the UK?

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That’s my interpretation but would be interested to understand why @Dr.Flay thinks differently.

It looks at 1st glance that the newer Virgin Media super hubs are intel based but people should obviously check their own devices.

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Fibre customers often have 2 boxes. 1 will be the cable unit, the other the router.

Ah yes I wan’t thinking Virgin.
Yes they offer cable TV but that is not the norm in the UK and fibre is available from many ISPs without a TV subscription.
I forgot in the US it will be the main way you will have access to it.

In the UK we don’t consider having fibre as being a “cable customer” any more that when using copper cables.

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for a router using is being unable to reach that addr mean not vulnerable? I am using a personally owned Netgear CM600 …

The final post on this thread from the Virgin forum says their products aren’t affected; although I would have preferred a more detailed statement issued by the company itself, it’s all I could find: