Remote Support software for one-person IT shop

A variation was recently asked last month, but I’m asking something a little different. I’m looking for a cross platform, paid service to offer remote support (and maybe light management) to a small number of clients. Mac and PC is required, iOS Android would be nice.

Some years ago I use GotoAssist. That was OK but now absorbed by LogMeIn. Both LMI Rescue and TeamViewer seems a little pricey $$$ for my needs/budget.

I see favorable reviews of Zoho Assist, Splashtop, and FixMe.IT(?!?). Any one have experience with these or others?

We use TeamViewer and are very happy with it. The management tool is very useful - we look after around 400 devices, so having a searchable database of all supported devices is very useful.

The client only needs the “Host” version and if you pay for the service, you can push out a customized installer with your company logo on it.

So client can download the app on demand and start a session? Does it support mobile devices? And how can you get this for less than $500/yr? Most users seem to be much larger (like you) than my needs.

Yes, you can embed a customized support-only “host” client on your web page and they run it and give you the number and password and you can get straight on their PC. They can also install it, so that it is always available.

The German site is saying a single user, single session license costs 334€. The multiple users, single session is around 600€.

We have a multiple user, 4 session license for our company, which means 4 people at a time can actively use it, but we can install the full client on as many machines as we need.

Edit: Support for Android and iOS.

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Hi Saguaro :slight_smile:

Teamviewer is great.

I use Zoho Assist currently and that works well for me. I like the integration of Zoho Assist in to their ecosystem of business apps. You do get 5 free Unattended Access included but then Unattended Access is a add on and purchased in blocks of 25 as a monthly fee, which may not be suitable.

The other system I have used is AnyDesk The Fast Remote Desktop Application – AnyDesk
The prices look attractive for the Lite version but you are only allowed to install and use it from 1 device/system. You can have as many end points as you like and they can be set up as unattended without additional cost. The professional version allows you to initiate from as many devices/systems as you like.

Lets not forget the great sponsor, RemotePC.

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and also

TeamViewer is what we use at my community radio station.
They let us use it for free as we are are all volunteers.
They are very accommodating for non-commercial or non-profit use, so depending on your needs you may get to use it for free.
Full clients and mini hosts are available for all the platforms you list.

I feel like we should link these two topics:

Thanks but, I’m looking for recommendations based on experience using it. Second: when you look at capterra’s list they only show splashtop and zoho–none of the others suggested in this thread–so I don’t know how useful that is.

@rah Thanks for Zoho experince. Helpful! Zoho looks so inexpensive I was skeptical…

Kindly do not do this. You might feel they are similar, but they aren’t if you read what the two of us are after.

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