Remote Support App recommendation please?

I need a good recommendation for a good (preferably at a reasonable cost) remote access Mac App so I can support my Dad with some computer problems he seems to keep encountering please.

Thank you, Rgds.
Anthony. (Aus)

TeamViewer is free. Just need to install and the remote user just needs to read the pass code to you and you can connect.


Thank you Mr P, I will try. :+1::grinning:

I have used a few and have liked: (not in any order)

TeamViewer As mentioned above. Free for personal use. (As a side note I had issues with helping someone on TeamViewer in the UK. It turned out that their ISP TalkTalk had blocked TeamViewer after TalkTalk had lost customer data and customers were getting calls pretending to be from TalkTalk using the stolen data and asking for remote access. From memory you had to log in to your TalkTalk account and turn off the security filter or something similar. Just an FYI).

Zoho Assit. Free for personal and commercial use(With some limits on functionality etc)

AnyDesk. Free for personal use.

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Thanks heaps Mr Rah, and taking the time to provide some good information. :thinking:

I will take a look at all three.

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TalkTalk ‘nuff said. Had no problems helping a friend in the UK on Virgin Media from Australia.


We’ve used TeamViewer for nearly a decade. I use it privately and we have a corporate license at work.

We support around 250 devices, if you use it professionally, there is a Manger, it is currently moving to cloud only, but we still use the local manager.

The cloud platform had a bug, which allowed anyone to access any registered TeamViewer client, but they fixed that gaff quickly.

In the last year, I think we’ve only had a total of around 2 hours, where TeamViewer wasn’t available.

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Oh that is interesting Mr D.

For years before my mother passed away, I used team viewer to help her with her computer.

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Let’s not forget the sponsor, RemotePC. Works great on a Mac.


I use TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and RemotePC to connect to my computers, laptop, and Raspberry Pis, though RemotePC doesn’t support the Raspberry Pi. Sometimes one or more will give me grief, so it’s great to have the others to rely on.

Thank you all, these responses have helped heaps - I am using Team Viewer atm, very happy.