Remember Pictures You had to shake?

The first Polaroids. I think you even had to swab a chemical on the picture before shaking to promote the drying. Must have been around 1960.

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We had Polariods as kids, but I think we used the original film that came with them and that was it. Then we went back to using our Kodak Instamatics.

I didn’t start using Polaroid film until the SX-70 integral type in the 1970’s so I never needed to shake the film to evaporate the foul smelling chemicals. I do remember learning that for the newer film it did nothing but help keep the person busy while waiting and that if you shook too vigorously you could cause problems with the photo similar to bad agitation in the darkroom.

My dad was a professional photographer when I grew up. So, he used a 35mm. But, when I got a job in the early 1990s working loss prevention, we used a polaroid to take photos of employees we caught stealing and shoplifters. Only time I ever used a poloroid.

That film was not cheap, either

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