Recruit your droids into your own Star Trek command centre

Trycorder is a copy of that gadget from Star Trek which the name of escapes me :wink:

Use your hand-held computer and sensor device the way it was always meant to be.

Caveat: Must use the phone in US English for voice control and TTS

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The new Motorola RAZR would be too perfect for this

also, pretty sure it was called a Trycorder in Star Trek as well (edit - my bad, wink emote flew right over my head!)

Cool find. I will try it out later on my S8 that has been sitting in a drawer.

Swap the Y for another letter and it becomes a problem.
There used to be another using the right name but got issued a cease and desist order.
This author had had to also make sure the theme does not mimic LCARS theme too closely or that will also get lawers into battle mode.

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