Quicken 2007 alternative

Hi All,
Here’s the deal. My wife (70s) uses Quicken 2007 on an older iMac running High Sierra. I want to upgrade her to an M1, but Quicken stands in the way.
She basically just uses it to make sure her paper book has everything, and balances. She’s not that adaptable to new workflows (hence the Q2007), so, and here is my question:

What alternatives to quicken would be a good fit for her? Something basic, for checkbook balancing. Doesn’t need to be fancy, handle budgets, track categories, etc. (although all those are nice-to-haves). Suggestions?

My suggestion is the current version of Quicken…

Upgrading the version of Quicken should not be overly expensive. I would just go to the latest version. Then again if this is my line of thinking, I would just use spreadsheets in Google Docs or Excel and track it by hand using some kind of template.

If its just balancing a checkbook that you’re after, then honestly a basic spreadsheet is probably plenty. Check out vertex42.com - there’s a bunch of free templates for all kind of financial stuff, including a checkbook register.

Personally I use GnuCash, although that’s probably way overkill for what you need.