Question of the Day - Most you have ever spent on a computer?

What’s the most you have ever spent on a computer?

Over 4 grand for my current one - late 2013 Mac Pro


The most I have spent was probably a Sony Vaio laptop in the 2000s. Was over 1200 GBP, nice and slim for the time and had a fantastic display. Since then I haven’t really spent nearly as much and it’s hard to quantify as I replace parts as needed. My most recent spend was A$600 on parts (motherboard, CPU, RAM, video card).

I’ll probably spend A$2500 next year on a Macbook Pro though…

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I always build my own PCs. So let’s see, for the most expensive ($CDN), probably:
$700 CPU
$400 Motherboard
$200 PSU
$1500 RAM
$200 Cooler (closed liquid)
$400 SSD
$500 GPU
$200 Keyboard
$400 Monitor
$200 Case

$4,700 or over $5k after misc other items and taxes and [advance recycling] fees

Luckily I didn’t spend it all at once, as I could add onto it over time.



The most I ever spent was many years ago. I bought a Dell Pentium 90 when it first came out - back in the 1990s. I paid $3k for that one. It was state of the art at the time…

I have 4 computers now - but, I don’t do anything that needs a ton of computing power anymore.

I like a lot of RAM :wink: That PC has 128G of RAM.

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

That’s one beast of a system.

Actually, I probably spent a fair amount on a Commodore Amiga 4000, 4MB memory, 100MB HD, accelerator card, Picasso graphics card, flicker fixed, but still nowhere near that cost…

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I guess this is the right place to mention the UVRGM from The New Screen Savers episodes 40-47 or so.

@Leo can comment on how crazy it was to buy :wink:


I ordered all the parts on Amazon and Newegg, actually. It was an easy build thanks to PCPer - Ryan Shrout and Allyn Malventano. It’s now our HTC Vive machine at home. Still runs like a top!


i spent probably 36 hours straight during an internet banking hardware refresh a while back.

Hmm, I thought the question was amount of dollars, not amount of time. But time is money, so there we are. :wink:


Around the 2.5K UKP (~ $3K) for a Gateway P90 + 17" Trinitron monitor.

My current laptop (Spectre X360 Skylake) was around 1,500€, my Ryzen 7 desktop with 32GB RAM was also around that price, once you calculate in the 2 extra 512GB SSDs (3 SSDs and a 2TB spinning rust drive).

At work, probably around $120,000 for a server setup with SAN, back in the late 90s.

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the reason i get re-hired is because of my enquiring mind (analysis). Your mind viewed the question in dollar terms. Mine didn’t !! even though yes i viewed all of the replies.

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I am afraid to comment I am such a cheap skate compared to those guys building their own systems. The most I spent was on an ASUS tower and monitor which came in at $2,000. I was building websites back then and needed something to run Adobe dreamweaver. I miss that machine.


rolandmsmith, I’m cheaper than that. I build my own PC’s. Last one I put together about 4 years ago, cost about 500.oo. And it is still going strong, have up graded a few parts over time. Put win 10 on (free Ver) ( 5.oo for my Linux Mint Laptop)
( 89 for my 2007 13" macbook) ( 170 for my 17" Dell laptop)
( 120 for my HP Pro 15") ( 200 for my 2011 mac mini)
All running very good, the dollar signs didn’t show in my post.


thanks for making me feel better :grinning: congrats on your machines

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Sorry guys if you felt bad… that was certainly not my intention. If your machine meets your needs, then it’s great for you, right?

There is a small benefit to building your own machine: you can choose to spend more on the parts that matter to you most. In my case, I firmly believe the best thing you can do for the life of your PC is to choose the highest quality power supply unit (PSU) you can afford. I once purchased a whitebox pre-made PC (so the seller custom assembled it for a fixed price) for about $600Cdn. It lasted about 9 months before the PSU fried, and it took out other components on the way out, costing me lost time and data.


its all good… I agree about being touchy about power supplies.


Speaking of power supplies… can anyone recommend a decent but fairly good value one? I don’t need high wattage - 500W is ample. My current supply is old, cheap, and has a constant speed fan so generates a fair amount of noise. I don’t need modular cables or anything, but would like the PSU to be fairly quiet with automatically adjusting fan speed.

Next up, a new case…

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