How many computers do you have?

How many computers do you guys have?

I have 3 Chrome OS computers (Asus Chromebox 3, Dell 14" Two in 1 Chromebook, HP Chromebook X2 tablet PC) and 1 HP Windows laptop.

I had another old Windows 7 tower, but I had not used it in a while. So, I pulled the hard drive last week and finally got rid of it.

I also have a Samsung S2 android tablet, and a Samsung S8 phone. Plus, I have a Iphone 6S that I use as an occasional streaming device and for music.

Also have a old Samsung J3 phone and an old Samsung Note II phone that I no longer use - but keep them as backup phones…


Counting my phone 3… One desktop PC one laptop PC and one Android Phone…


Not counting phones. Computer that i use on a weekly/daily base

  1. imac 27" main driver
  2. Core2duo debian/proxmox virtualizing a few servers (bbs, twgs, mysql vms)
  3. acer all in one 23" windows 10 machine
  4. Acer netbook with a light ubunthu, might serve a resilio sync/ownclould mini server

My only computers are my work machines:

  • Mac Pro late 2013 (trash can style)

  • MacBook Pro 17" (my fallback machine in case something happens to the Mac Pro)

Since the new Mac Pro is really overkill for me, I plan to trade in the one I have for a Mac Mini with maxxed out RAM. I’m not there yet though because the Max Pro is still in good shape.


Since I fix computers as a side business, I have too many. So much it’s embarrassing. Let’s just say I have multiple devices from every operating system.


Do you collect operating systems? I have a small shelf was well.


I have almost every operating system on a thumb drive, but each of my devices have different functions ranging from Web servers, media servers, maintenance laptops, and workstations.

I have almost every copy of Windows on CD/DVD. The one that sticks out is Windows 98 SE when I was a kid. Still have it in a bin.

Of course, I side with you on your storage method since I end up virtualizing everything you mentioned.


Yes, I liked the days when they would give you an actual CD/DVD of the operating system with a new PC.

I have Windows 3.1 on disks still shrinked wrapped in the box…


Let see a MacBook Pro ,iPhone iPad ,moto android phone windows computer running Linux and the old Commodore 64 with a unwrapped aol startup disc sitting next to it

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I have 2. A Dell desktop and an Acer Chromebook.

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OnePlus 5t breaking down Intel nuc ibm t42 wish I could get a pixel 4 for photography

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Too many for me and if you count all the VM’s i am running well thank god Linux is free. Plus do NAS’s count too? But i finally did trash some old hardware I had 20 year old plus stuff. almost didnt want to get rid of that 9600 baud modem brought back good and bad memories, but still have the 56k just in case.

That’s a collectors item, if this is any indication!


to bad I didnt keep my 5 1/4 dos 5 and windows 3.1 and the big books that came with them.


I had those for years as well. But, I’ve moved many times. And, I tossed them along the way. Now, it would be fun to still have them after all this time…


  • main rig custom Windows 10 build
  • Surface Book laptop
  • mini ITX build for security cameras
  • Dell Optiplex seedbox
  • HPE gen 8 microserver

5, not counting mobile devices

  • Self built desktop
    ** Asus Prime B350M-A motherboard
    ** AMD Ryzen 3 1300X CPU
    ** 8GB Corsair RAM
  • Late 2006 Mac Mini 1,1
    ** Intel Core Duo 1.66Ghz
    ** 2GB RAM
    ** 64GB SSD
    ** Running Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS
  • iPhone Xs 64GB
    ** Optus eSIM
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2017
    ** LTE - connected to Optus
    ** recently updated to Android 9 which is sped it up somewhat
  • Apple Watch Series 4
    ** LTE connected to Optus
    ** (and yes, it’s a computer)

For work, I’m issued with a HP EliteBook G5 with i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD


I have two. Surface Pro 5th Gen, which will soon be replaced by the Surface Laptop 3 (maxed AMD model). This is hooked to the hub + monitors so I can quickly go from my desk set up at home to mobile.

I have a T420 as well which is where my hard drives reside, one is for backup and the other for media.