Question for Ant re: workflow and TIF files

Mr. @ant_pruitt,
Question for you if you would, please:
I was watching an Olympus training video. The photographer first opened the photo file in Olympus Workspace to view the RAW file. He made some minor adjustments to the file then exported it as a TIF then opened it in Photoshop to work on it some more.
My question is…why export the file in TIF instead of leaving it as a RAW file and importing it in Photoshop? Any clues?
Thank you!

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I’m not @ant_pruitt , but…

CaptureOne does this as well, when exporting to Photoshop/Affinity Photo and back, the round trip file is a TIF.

The problem is, the RAW file is the untouched file coming out of the camera, so it remains (or should remain) untouched forever. Olympus Workspace then holds its own sort of “edit” file or entry in its database that applies the changes you define to the photo. When it has to be exported to Photoshop & Co. for further editing, it can’t pass the RAW + its edits, it needs to send over a complete file.

TIF is a fairly standard, non-compressed format, so data won’t be lost.


That’s a little odd to me, considering Adobe Camera Raw is in Photoshop and does exactly what you just explained. All without the export to tiff step. I’m similar to @big_D where as I go through Lightroom for raw workflow.

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I’m guessing he is using the Olympus software like Lightroom? I haven’t had an Olympus since the original Camedia, back in the mid 90s.

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Makes sense. LR probably does a bad job with OM raw. I know Capture One is great with Sony and Fujifilm files more so than LR.

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I’ve only used Lightroom on my OM RAW files…guess I should experiment a bit.

Thanks all for the response.

Looking forward to this afternoon to see how my lunar eclipse photos turned out. It was about 20 degrees. I was out for over 1.5 hours. (I did have a warm truck to jump into between shots.) Ended up with frost on the camera and tripod. Did learn I need a bigger, beefier tripod with micro adjustments for moving the camera.

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