PWA For Genealogy

Have been looking for a solution to current genealogy software. Tried Gramps but found the UI very difficult. Today found that Gramps is working on a PWA. Think this would be a good solution for the current problem of syncing a tree between a website and a home computer.
gramps-project / gramps-webapi
I don’t understand what I see on git-hub page. Think it is not ready yet. Where can I find when and where it is ready for use?

You mention Gramps, does that mean you want a free solution that reads/creates GEDCOM files?
I use Family Tree Maker, it’s not free but I think about $30.

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No I want a way to save my online tree from either Ancestry or Family Search. Currently I prefer to do my research on line. The way to keep a copy is to sync with my desktop software. Syncing is increasingly difficult. Believe the sync feature is disappearing. Have spent a lot of money on this problem. Just want something that works with my preference to search online and not have to sync with desktop software…

I have both Updated version of Family Tree Maker and Roots Magic. Have tried Gramps but the UI is very difficult. Been researching over 20 years and have a lot of data and well over 1000 people. At the age of 76 want a way to share my research.

I’ve been a user of Reunion on Mac for over 20 years. It’s pretty good, but not amazing. They charge for major version updates, so I tend to skip a few since I don’t update the family tree that often anyway. I just need to make sure it runs on the current OS version.

One of the only really issues I have with it is that it STILL looks like it’s running on Mac OS 8 and the interface hasn’t really changed in 20 years. Part of that is good because I know how it works, but it’s also somewhat frustrating that it looks so outdated.

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Think I need to stop looking for a magic solution. About 2014 Family Tree Maker was no longer supported by the owner. Mckiev bought it at the last minute. I stayed with FTM (ERROR).
Purchased Roots Magic. Would try to work with RM. Much more reliable but struggled. RM can find errors in a tree. When I was able to sync again (1 1/2 yrs later) My tree would not sync. Finally downloaded the entire tree as a GED.does not use most image files(jpg etc.) Many images were stripped from the tree, and uploaded the tree again.(Should have stopped and hired someone to help. MISTAKE). By 2018 had multiple copies and began to loose track of what I had. Then microsoft decided to move my files to their cloud… I was in a panic. Started moving my backups to external hard drives. Used Carbonite for years. Noticed my backups contained many shortcuts that led nowhere.
TODAY Have many gigs of data but it is a complete disaster. Think I need to hire someone who can help Have some ideas on cleaning up some of the data. My memory is a bit iffy. Also my reading skill is poor. A written solution will not work. I am willing to pay someone to help with the software management.
Ideally virtually. Oh the stories I have about people. My husband refers to Great great grandma Lehaney (Drawing in dining room) as the old bitty. This has gone on for for most of our 55 plus years together. Thanks for listening to my long tale of woe. Thanks PS I bought an extra copy of Roots Magic (download) I bought for a Holiday Gift. My daughter declined the gift, It was on sale for $30. The next upgrade is included. ----------
After all this chatter finally think I can go to the people I follow in the Genealogy community and hire a person to clean up my data. I have been a “I want to do it myself” person. Time to trust another person. Thanks for allowing me this space. Take Care and Stay Safe