Pulling apart a £339 anti-5G USB stick

Known scammers “Anna Grochowalska and Valerio Laghezza” at work again preying on the fear and ignorance of the public with another bogus company “5G Bio Shield”.
Unsubstantiated, Sci-fi claims of future-tech that they claim will help protect you from radio-frequencies including 5G.

Professional security penetration testers have stripped the device, and found it to be just a regular 128MB USB storage device with no extra components or circuits.
(yes I did write MB not GB)


I have rated appropriately (and their other scam site)

According to their FAQ it does not block radio waves only “transmutes” it into “harmonised energy” so there is no direct way to measure the transmutation / harmonisation of the radio waves.
Hehe, they have several loopholes and get-out clauses in their FAQ. Well worth a read if you want a good laugh.

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Thanks for saving me money! I’ve drawn a similar symbol on my USB stick and have plugged it into my PC to harmonize my whole household. (/s) :grinning:

People fear what they don’t understand, 5g has a hard time going though walls. let alone scrambling your DNA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4pxw4tYeCU