Problem installing iOS 14.5.1

worked for me but it would not finish until my podcast episode finished. something about not being able to update while audio is playing. curiously I have turned into a ‘seeker’ on ios as auto-update doesn’t seem to be faster than noticing it on one of my regular news sites.

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I’ve turned into a seeker, too. It seems Apple doesn’t want to push updates to my devices until a week or two after release. I wanted this update as I have Trackers arriving soon and want to use them right away!

Luckily, both my husbands and my iPhones as well as both our iPads had no issues with the update. I updated my iPhone X first since it’s not my daily driver…in fact, I don’t know what it is these days…I’m mostly using it as a TV remote that I can leave on the coffee table. Eventually, I’m going to pass it on to a family member.:joy::joy::joy:

Updated the Mac yesterday…also no issues.:+1: my watch will update tonight.

The UI is busted. This has happened many times before.

You can force a restart of the phone and try the update again but if that doesn’t work try updating from iTunes. Otherwise (but quite rare) you can restore and then update from new.

Yup, updating via USB on my Mac is what I did in the end.

Often times I’ll download the firmware file on my desktop or laptop and have it update over USB. This is the only way for me if they delay rolling out updates.

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