Podcast Namespace Support

Will you guys be adopting the new RSS Namespace Extension tags for Podcasting

These tags add very useful features to podcasting apps like real-time closed captioning for accessibility, direct funding buttons, metadata about people (hosts, co-hosts, guests, etc) or locations featured in the show so apps can recommend/group other shows with the same people/places, better chaptering than MP3 tags that supports any format (including video), and lots more being developed for future phases.

Multiple apps (Podcast Addict, AntennaPod, Podrfiend, etc), Hosting Services (Buzzsprout, Castopod, etc.), and big podcasters (including Adam Curry) have already implemented some or all of the current tags. Others like Pocket Casts have also mentioned looking into it.

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No plans at this time. If it becomes a standard I’ll consider it. I’ve seen a lot of these come and go.

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What about At least adding chapters?


Same problem - it’s a non-standard extension that only works with some players and it requires significant effort on our side. I just don’t think we have the bandwidth to do it.

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