Planning a West Coast Trip

We are planning a trip at the end of the year starting with New Years Eve in Vegas and then heading to San Francisco, before driving down to LA and flying home.

We are older (a bit like @Leo) with a (will be then) 13 year old daughter - what are the must sees.?

So far Liz wants to see Alcatraz, redwoods and Grand Canyon

Lucinda (13) wants to visit Glass Beach, Jolibees and Disney land

I would like to meet @ant_pruitt, visit my old friend Dave Rossum and drive Pacific Coast Highway again.

We have 9 full days and Liz has used airmiles to upgrade to business going back, so we can rest when we are done.

Everything considered, even if it is as humble as fast food - obviously we will have a car.


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Sounds like a fun trip! Been a while since I was out that way, but check out Hawk Hill just north of the Golden Gate. Great vista, you’ll be just above the bridge looking toward the city.

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