TWiT Alaska Cruise July 2022

It’s official. We’re planning a group cruise to Alaska in July 2022.

I’d love you to join us! Lisa and I will be on board. For every 60 people who join us we can add another host.


I’ll need to discuss with the Mrs…

We’re due to go back to Alaska…

However, next year is my niece’s Bat Mitzvah in June and my brother is talking doing some sort of family vacation. Also, I’m not really a fan of Holland America. While the itinerary looks great, my last (and only) cruise with HAL left me not rushing to go back. I don’t think I can afford to eat in the specialty restaurants nightly :slight_smile:

However, for Glacier Bay day, having Ant or Chris Marquart on board to help us great photos would be wonderful.

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Will you have a photography workshop? For beginners or intermediates… I can imagine some great photos on this trip

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There are a couple of official planned events for the cruise (a welcome and farewell cocktail party plus one presentation - which Paul and I will do - in the theater).

However, informally Lisa and I want to do photo walks on some of the excursions. And we can plan to host a get together before dinner each night, so we can use those to work on photography. Next time we’ll bring Ant!


My wife and I are so considering this trip.

Join us! It’s going to be a blast. Paul Thurrott and his wife are also along for the trip.

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Still trying to talk my Mrs. into going on the trip. I tell her it’s a trip of a lifetime, but she hasn’t bought into the nerdiness yet.