Pixel 2 Camera dead after update

Apparently, a small portion of people no longer have a working camera on their Pixel 2 after a recent update.

Anyone here dealing with this issue?

This would really suck. As the article points out, the phone is out of warranty. But, you are not in control of what happens during an update. I hope no members here are suffering form this issue.

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Still not enough details in the article. If it is a software issue, Google will take it seriously.

Can their customers submit a bug report? I wonder if that will get them to fix it. If anything, perhaps Google will suggest a software downgrade instead.

Perhaps Google will look into it after confirming the RMA requests but from a tech support perspective, this is not a good way to diagnose an issue.


Well, knock wood, this hasn’t happened to mine. I wonder what kind of software update could do this… does the camera have firmware that gets updated by the OS?

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It appears to be a two-step process. There is a factory (or OTA) image as usual. The driver binaries are included separately for the Google device (boot process) and a Qualcomm binary for GPS, Audio, Camera, Gestures, Graphics, DRM, Video, Sensors. This is for every versioning update. https://developers.google.com/android/images

Makes me wonder if this also affects the camera app since it appears to work differently on older Android devices.

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