Photography In Schools

Hello Mr. Pruitt,
I am really glad to see what you & TWIT are doing to help us beginners in photography. While my main interest is in photography as a hobby, there is another are I would love your feedback on.

Here in Jamaica, photography clubs were part of my life while in high school. Like everything else over time thhings changed and this has become a memory. Today, young people have more access to cameras via smartphones and they really like to take pictures of themselves. What I am hoping for is your advice on how to approach getting photography clubs back into the school space so young people can see it as a much-needed hobby.

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Thanks for the support. My advice is leverage social media. That’s where the kids are posting those selfies. Of course work with the school administration first. Have a body of work in place for them to understand your intent on building a community and broadening the skills of the youth. You just have to be careful because when you’re talking about young people, you can easily be seen as someone sketchy or threatening. Start with administration first. Be genuine in your intent. At least that’s the route I would take if I were to start raising awareness locally.