Photo library duplicate cleanup

Can anyone offer any good tips or solutions for finding and removing duplicate/near duplicate photos in a large photo library on MacOS or iOS?

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I too have the same question. Searching provides 3rd party apps but some people say they corrupt OS Photos. Looking for feedback from the forum.

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@mikahsargent recommended Gemini 2 (MacOS) or Gemini Photos (iOS) from MacPaw on iOS Today episode 478 “A Decade of iPad”

I went with Gemini Photos and it is working well for me. The true duplicate pictures it found were a small percentage of my photo library, but it would have taken me much longer to find them if I had to search manually. The similar photos feature is also nice, but you will need to review all the photos to determine which ones you want to keep. Unlimited access is a subscription of varying prices depending on how far in advance you pay or a one-time price of $34.99. There is a 3-day free trial which I suggest you choose, and then immediately cancel. At the end of the 3-day trial, it will automatically expire, and shortly after that you should get a push notification with an offer to purchase the lifetime unlimited access for 70% off $10.49 (side note allow push notifications at least at until you get this offer)

@m1garand, thanks for the reply. I am still running OS 12.10.10 Yosemite on my mighty MacBook Pro 17", Do you know if Gemini will work on this OS? I need to check it out but asking nonetheless. thanks

Yes it should according to their site
System Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher
Looks like pricing is a little different on the MacOS version.

If you end up getting can you let me know how well it works for you since I went the iOS route I’m curious how well the MacOS version works for you?


Sure will. It wont be this week. headed out on b travel but I will reply. thanks

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