Blurred photos in finder in Catalina

I’m using latest MacOS Catalina on 27 inch iMac 5K.
When I open a finder window all photos in the folder are blurred icons, I’ve got the size set at highest and it’s driving me crazy, but then I noticed that half way down the folder they come into focus ? Does anyone else have this issue?

Are originals stored in the cloud? If so, maybe that’s the cause? No expert, just speculating…

Hi Andy. Just checked the folder on my MBP where all my pic originals are stored, set the icon view with large icons and it’s instant.

As per JohnG, are these folders local on your Mac, or stored on Apple/Google/DropBox etc?

These thumbnails are stored in a cache I believe, there might be a way to reset that?

Hi @Jamze,
All photos are on my internal SSD.
I had two windows open, to move some pics, one window has blurred pics, the other in focus ??

Hi. Just looked through some older pictures on mine, I do have a number of old scanned images where the icon preview is low quality and looks blurred compared with the rest. Interestingly when I turn off icon preview (right-click, Show View Options) the blurred thumbnails remain, they seem to be ‘stuck’.

If you google it there are a couple of suggestions.

  1. Delete the finder plist file (in user/library/preferences) and restart finder. I assume Catalina’s read-only container will mean you have to jump through some hoops to do this now.

  2. There’s a process called Quick Look that manages thumbnails. It has some terminal commands - one to reset its cache.

I ran into this issue years ago, and neither of the above resolved my issues :-1:t2:

I’m now thinking these low-res thumbnails are actually stored in the exif data. If so I should be able to edit the exif to get rid of them.