PfSense WireGuard


My name is Chris

I’m trying to setup WireGuard on PfSense

I just installed WireGuard on PfSense
I will have some pictures of what my WireGuard settings

Hopefully you guys can help me out with setting up WireGuard

No one is going to look through your configuration and try and figure out what your problem is–we’re not mind readers. You need to give details about what you’re trying to do, and what is not working if you expect any useful help.


As @PHolder says, without knowing what isn’t working, the configuration screens don’t really help.

Does pfSense work for routing and firewall?

What do the pfSense logs say, when you try to connect from outside to the network via WireGuard?

What does your remote client give as an error message, when you try and connect?

(Remember, you, generally, can’t test it from within your network, you need to be external to test a VPN.)

Here we go again, we should know better by now…