PC Stick recommendations

I am wanting to buy a win10 PC stick. What would be the TWIT communities recommendations for one that I would use as a streaming entertainment device? Once that would have some future proof in it.

Any reason you want to use a Win10 PC stick?

Something like an Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, or Chromecast would fill the streaming device role much better. I’m a big fan of the Shield, but the other two may fit better depending on what ecosystem (if any) you’ve found yourself in.

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The fact that they’re are not many of them in existence should tell you that Stick PCs are very under powered because of the form factor. I can only readily think of one of any consequence, and it was made by Intel to promote their low power laptop CPUs. If you want something that HAS to attach to the back of the display, I would consider a NUC or equivalent (many companies make something in that form factor, I personally have and use the 4th gen Gigabyte BRIX.) These PCs have a VESA mount ability that will allow them to be mounted on the back of a monitor with a VESA mount (almost all.) There are also AMD options, such as the build it yourself DeskMini A300 Series which takes a 2xxxxG or 3xxxG CPU with on board graphics up to 65W.


Yes, there are plenty of mini and nano PCs out there. It really depends on what the OP wants it for. Take a look at the YouTube channel ETA Prime. He reviews a lot fairly low powered nano PCs with a focus on low-end gaming, emulation, and media playback.

I am wanting to use a HDMI device that gives me a full OS Win or Mac that will allow me to browser stream out of market locast broadcast. I am in the midwest and I like to keep up with nightly news from NYC and it doesn’t and my VPN is not working on a mobile OS iPhone and android.

The Nvidia Shield can run VPN software, I still think that might be a better option depending on what you want to stream. I know some of the local channels around here have apps for their content.

But if you still want to go the desktop route then I’d agree with @PHolder that a NUC-like system ( Intel® NUC – Small Form Factor Mini PC) is the way to go. You should stay away from the stick PCs.

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Even cheaper than the Shield is the Google Chromecast with GoogleTV. They’re like $50 or so. For an extra $15 you can wire them into your network and have a better, more stable, connection than WiFi. Aside from running Android apps compatible with TV, you can also use Chromecasting from your PC (Google Chrome) or phone or tablet. The remote for it is quite nice. It supports Plex well if that becomes an interesting solution. Certainly it’s the cheapest possible solution, so you wouldn’t be out a lot if you weren’t satisfied.

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