Passkeys still need a lot of work

I tried to setup passkeys for a few sites, and I am less than impressed.

I setup passkeys on 3 sites:,, and

I created the passkeys for on Vivaldi on my MacBook Pro. And it appears because I did that, the passkey will not sync across devices. The passkey is not availble on my iPhone or iPad.

I created the passkey for Kayak on my iPad. That synced across multiple devices. I can login to on my iPad using the passkey. The Kayak app will not let me login using a passkey. And I can’t login to on my Mac using Safari and the passkey that got synced.

eBay will not use the passkey I set up. It just prompts me for my password.

To get passkey syncing to work in the Apple ecosystem, you need to use Safari across the board. And even then, it looks like it won’t work without biometrics. My Mac mini does not have a fingerprint reader. When I click on login with passkey for, nothing happens. It doesn’t go to my phone and prompt for biometrics.

I see the passkeys in my Keychain password list. There is no way to export them.

For me, and IT Professional, this has been a HORRIBLE end-user experience. How is the average Joe supposed to use this for day-to-day authentication?