Paper Cookie Clips

Some longer time TWiT fans may remember @Leo’s stint at turning all of the universe into paper clips… ? That was a fun little game. In that same vein, here is an older one you may not have encountered which is a great little time waster if you like these sorts of things… see if you can turn all of the universe into cookies.

Relatedly, are there other great “idle” sort of games other’s have idled away their days on?

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Ah, so that’s where some of the Roblox games get their inspiration from…

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On the internet, no one knows I’m cookie monster

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Here’s another one I played once upon a time.

Oh so the first one is this one (it’s one I had never played)

and this is the second one, which I had previously played

This used to be one of my favorite games as a kid. Would play the Windows version, usually with just AI but sometimes also with my brother. They went to an online version a few years ago:

It’s still a good basic economics game (supply and demand; buy low, sell high; managing overhead costs, etc) and fun.

Curse you! I just wasted an hour!! not going to get sucked back into this game… nope not gonna do it… (Please help me!)


It don’t get much better than the original!


Click it. You know you want to.