Open my garage door with my voice!

Ok folks, I have scoured Reddit and many places on the Net and cannot find a working solution. I understand why they disable opening garage doors and locks with your voice, but I don’t understand why I cannot override this and accept the risk. I would think it should be limited if my Google Assistant recognizes my voice and only allows me to open it.

I use Google Assistant and Samsung Smartthings Hub with a Linear 00Z Garage Door opener.

Either way, this is the closest I have gotten to making it work, using this information here.

Any other ideas?

I think the correct command is “Sudo open the garage door”.


I have the LiftMaster MyQ app integrated with Google and it also won’t open the garage by voice. I think they do it as a security feature. Of course, I can open the garage from the app, so I don’t know what the difference is.

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You could use Home Assistant. There is a z-wave integration and @AaronK there is also a MyQ integration (sorry, as a new user I can only post two links in my post :slight_smile:) which I use. You can then link them with Google Assistant integration and disable the secure device setting.

Home Assistant is free to use and integrates with thousands of products. I can’t recommend it enough. It truly gives you full power over your smart eco-system.


Awesome thanks! I will try it out. I have another Raspberry Pi sitting around that will work for this.

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