Open my garage door with my voice!

Ok folks, I have scoured Reddit and many places on the Net and cannot find a working solution. I understand why they disable opening garage doors and locks with your voice, but I don’t understand why I cannot override this and accept the risk. I would think it should be limited if my Google Assistant recognizes my voice and only allows me to open it.

I use Google Assistant and Samsung Smartthings Hub with a Linear 00Z Garage Door opener.

Either way, this is the closest I have gotten to making it work, using this information here.

Any other ideas?

I think the correct command is “Sudo open the garage door”.


I have the LiftMaster MyQ app integrated with Google and it also won’t open the garage by voice. I think they do it as a security feature. Of course, I can open the garage from the app, so I don’t know what the difference is.

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You could use Home Assistant. There is a z-wave integration and @AaronK there is also a MyQ integration (sorry, as a new user I can only post two links in my post :slight_smile:) which I use. You can then link them with Google Assistant integration and disable the secure device setting.

Home Assistant is free to use and integrates with thousands of products. I can’t recommend it enough. It truly gives you full power over your smart eco-system.


Awesome thanks! I will try it out. I have another Raspberry Pi sitting around that will work for this.

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There is also a cool app called SimpleCommands that does a great job at letting you build your own commands for most of the assistants.
I do realize this is a old question, I just figured I would post another solution incase someone else was looking for the same information.

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I do not think its a good idea, I think the old fashion way wt a remote is best. Also its secure…

I agree but I believe the original poster was correct in stating that they should be able to make that choice instead of the company making it for them so I posted some information on how to do it. Also you can mitigate some of the danger by using off the wall words for your command (since you are building it yourself with SimpleCommands) like “Open Toaster” “Close Toaster” “Ascend the plank” “Descend the plank” or even words in other languages and of course you should treat it like a password and change it up so someone doesn’t hear it and try to use it.

I’ve had recent success using Tasker and AutoVoice to launch unsupported Google Assistant commands. Perhaps there’s a way to integrate Tasker and SmartThings?