Hardware to open garage door by phone

I have a commercial chamberlain door opener circa 2013 . I would like to have a web interface to open and shut the doors. The problem is the opener is 1 generation to old to have that technology built in. My salesman said it can’t be done without replacing the opener.
Is there some sort of remote box that can be wired in to the manual push button wire that can have internet connectivity and “push” the open button when asked via an app and “push” the closed button when asked? It seems to me it could be done but the boxes I’ve seen do this through the programming of the opener via the radio frequency of the remote and my opener has a different frequency that’s not compatible


I have an old garage door opener myself, I just posted something about how to get mine working with Google Assistant and voice, since that is disabled by default. But this is what I bought and works great.

You just need a Z-Wave hub to connect it to your wireless network and operate it with the hub app. I do this with Samsung Smartthings hub. You just have to wire this to your physical opener at the right spot to enable the open/close function from the app. Then you add the included accelerometer to detect when the door is open/closed, this data is sent to the app. This was fairly easy to setup.

I use the MyQ from Chamberlain. It has an app on the phone that allows you to open/close, see what the status is of the door, as well as get notifications when it opens. It was around $50 when I bought it. It claims to work with Google Assistant, but it’s a paid add on and won’t let you open it, just close it with your voice. It was really easy to install.

I’m still really happy with it because it eliminates keeping openers in the vehicles in case of break-in.

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I know for Liftmaster, I was able to buy a new “button” that added MyQ to a door, that linked with a new opener that had the gateway. You should be able to just buy the gateway.

I feel like there is a simple little Raspberry Pi type project here… but it’s beyond my very limited hardware abilities to built it. I’d do the software if someone did the hardware. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I wanted to reply because you took me back to this:

+1 on the MyQ. Plug and play. Not sure if it has a web interface but works great on iOS.

My door installers said my opener isn’t compatible with the My Q system because of its age. Maybe it’s just the board that needs to be changed but I don’t know why they wouldn’t give me that option if it was available because it would be another service call to update it. :slightly_smiling_face:

That I can’t answer. I know one of the requirements is the door sensors, so if its that old that it doesn’t have those, it might be an issue.

According to the MyQ website compatibility checker, you should be fine with a 2013 Chamberlain. Mine is a Chamberlain that’s older than yours and it works beautifully.


Horrible customer service there :stuck_out_tongue:

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Old post, but saw this deal today…will save you some $$ if still in the market

But then you’re dependent on their cloud service which could change at anytime or just be abandoned. A local solution is always my #1 pick, that can integrate with Home Assistant.