No mention of Kobe Bryant’s death on This Week in Tech

I am surprised that Leo did not mention the death of Kobe Bryant on this week in tech. This is the biggest story of the year, so far. Tech related ,yes it is. The technology used to find out what had happened to Kobe was incredible.

With respect, how does Kobe relate to technology news? Yes, he was a great basketball player and a huge supporter of Women’s basketball and the WNBA — but what is his tech angle? Especially, what is the consumer technology connection?

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It was briefly raised by @IainT, something about a BBC mistake with footage when the news broke. @Leo didn’t make a big thing of it.

I agree with the LA County Sheriff though, and respect news outlets who hold off a bit to allow family to be notified.

“It would be extremely disrespectful to understand that your loved one … perished and you learn about it from TMZ,” Villanueva said. “That is just wholly inappropriate.”


Yes, he said something about them putting up the image of somebody else by mistake. Neither name meant anything to me at the time (Kobe or the “wrong” player that the BBC put up a photo of as Kobe). As I had never heard of either of the names that Iain mentioned, I didn’t really take any notice. It was only on Monday evening that I saw the news on TV and found out who he was.

A real tragedy, I feel sorry for his family.

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My point of view is in no disrespect. I meant how technology is used to find out how a big personality has passed. When I heard from a friend that he had passed about noon pacific. I tried to search social media to see if it was true. That’s all.

Not even a big personality, it used to be that if you needed information on something you had to get it from the news paper or tv news. If you wanted to search information you had to get in your car and go down to the records building or a library and look it up in books or documents. Now even an obit for someone the world has never heard of can be found online as well as information and communication with people who knew them. Its a whole new world with information constantly at your finger tips and sometimes misinformation.

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I am not into basketball - not even the slightest. But even I know who he is. He is a pretty big name, IMHO.

But, he is not really a “tech” topic.


Same here I was just attempting to elaborate on @Vic867 's post

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Ok, that’s fine, it’s not worth it.

The technology used to find out what had happened to Kobe was incredible

The news here says they haven’t found out what happened and the NTSB needs at meat another 5 days to determine what happened.

I think he was just referring to using technology to lookup what happened and verify that, not the technical reason as to why it happened. But I could be wrong.

I’m a UK based listener and have no idea who he is tbh. Well it’s been on lots of news but still did not know him, not sure why it should be mentioned on a tech show that has a potential world wide listening audience.

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Ok, stop already.

I should have not brought it up.

No worries @Vic867. Interesting discussion. I think there were two threads to this, your point about the rapid spread of breaking news via social today.

The other aspect was needing to be sensitive with a breaking news story such as this in respect to the family.

The first point causes issues for the second, as the formal process lags, and folks who should be supported when receiving awful news like this find out via social or news sites that just publish chasing clicks/traffic.