NextDNS and Pocketcasts: Twit streams broken


I have NextDNS running and use Pocketcasts as my podcatcher.

Starting yesterday, the Twit podcasts in Pocketcasts are not available anymore. Must be a NextDNS issue. If I disable NextDNS, all works perfectly.

Anyone having the same experience?

Yes, there are a couple of threads about this (not NextDNS, but DNS filtering in general). You need to whitelist some of the trackers that TWiT is forced to use:

Specifically: (TWiT) (Chartable) (Podsights)

(Megaphone switched from providing the feeds over to, I reblocked the main after I whitelisted and it still works.)

As I value my privacy, I’ve switched over to Club TWiT, which offers tracking free (and ad free) feeds for all the shows.

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I use NextDNS, as well. Remember you can totally configure it, including choosing which blockers to use, or none at all.

Great, that fixed it. I whitelisted these domains on my NextDNS and all is working again.

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