Issue Downloading Video Podcasts on WiFi

Having issues downloading TWIT video podcasts on WiFi. I don’t have any issues if I turn WiFi off and use cellular. It’s the same issue downloading over WiFi if I use my iPhone (X) or MacBook Pro (13 inch 2020). I typically use Pocket Casts on my iPhone but have tried many, many others with the same issues. It’s not limited to my home WiFi as I have the same issue if I travel and try to download on hotel WiFi. Again, no problem over cellular. Any recommendations gratefully received.

Issue - won’t start to download.

Do you use a “content moderation” (aka ad blocking) tool on your WiFi network? Such as a special DNS service or a RPi running “Pi-Hole” or similar? TWiT uses some services that are blocked by certain blockers. You will need to allow them through your blocks if you wish to have the content.

There are a number of posts on the site about this, but here’s one:

The WiFi issue isn’t limited to one WiFi. I have an Eero at home but it’s pretty much set up as it would be out of the box. I haven’t added any DNS filtering/blockers. But I have the same issue on hotel WiFi’s too. Would there be something specific on the phone itself that would need to “be opened”?

Edit: I installed PureVPN and I can download when the VPN is active but not when it is turned off.

Edit II: Not sure what the issue was but triggering Settings>General>Transfer or Reset iPhone>Reset>Reset Location and Privacy seems to have fixed the issue.

I am now out of my element as I am not an iPhone user. Hopefully someone else will have some suggestions. I’ll tag @Leo and @mikahsargent to see if they can offer any help as well.

What I thought fixed the issue did not. Triggering Settings>General>Transfer or Reset iPhone>Reset>Reset Location and Privacy had no impact on my ability/inability to download the video version of TWIT this morning. Working with the VPN turn on allowed me to download the podcast but does not correct the underlying issue.

That’s one of the reasons why I sill prefer to download them to my computer then let an like Itunes so the rest. That being side I can’t believe I have to the Windows version of Itunes to add video and audio to my IPod since for some resaone the mac version will not allow me add Podcasts, MP3 files form my CDs and MP4 video flies form places where you can get things like PD Movies.