Problems downloading podcasts?

Pocket Casts on my Pixel 3a is able to download and listen to podcasts from several other sources including the following that are published daily:
SANS Internet Storm Center
Worldwide Exchange

I can’t download any of this week’s TWIT podcasts on Pocket Casts. I’m receiving a “Download Failed” error for these podcasts:
Windows Weekly
Security Now!
all about Android

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Are you using any tracking blockers?

Yes, I had the same issue. I turned off NextDNS and it’s working now. I should have thought to try that solution earlier. How ironic! I heard about NextDNS from Leo while listening to Security Now!

No need to turn off Next DNS - I have it turned on on my router at home.

You just need to whitelist the servers we use for redirects: (TWiT) (Chartable) (Podsights)

From time to time various blocklists block these. You can choose the blocklist you use on NextDNS. Or just whitelist these URLs.

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Thanks Leo! That worked! I’ll need to add turning off NextDNS to my troubleshooting process if I have any issues with Podcasts in the future. Thanks for all the great podcasts on TWIT! They are very informative and entertaining.